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Your Personal Oasis - Your Private Vacationland - Your Own Backyard

The professionals at Briggs Landscape Design have been enhancing properties of distinction for over ten years, transforming visions
to impressive designs to stunning landscapes.



I was so pleased that you were able to stay within my budget. -DG

Everything looks great! -TB

I didn't know that re-doing my garden work would make me feel so good. I love it!! -DS

I appreciate you working in the specific time frame. -DB

I love how my garden is different from everyone else's in my neighborhood. Kate's craft, her eye for detail and her willingness to incorporate new plants into my garden make me happy every time I come home from a long day at work. My garden is mine and unique because of Kate's work. I would strongly recommend her work to those who want to make their homes just a little bit more special. BB